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I Win






(oh, uh, that was me dropping my keyboard intentionally after winning the Internet)

Soundgarden Kickoff?

Soundgarden Kickoff 9-4-2014

Apparently Soundgarden is playing during the NFL’s Xbox Verizon kickoff on September 4th.

I’m not quite sure what this means, but the pigeons seem to like it.

I hope to figure this all out before the appointed date.


Feel Safer?

Ferry Dock Security

During yesterday evening’s commute, I noticed a commotion at the ferry dock. When I looked over to see what was going on, it appeared that a half-dozen or so uniformed “agents” had two or three people surrounded. The agents appeared to be Homeland Security, possibly part of the VIPR team, and I believe a State Patrolman was in the mix as well.

“Must be serious”, I thought.

One of the evildoers appeared to be a older woman in a tie-dyed t-shirt, another, a man in only his socks, the third, a middle-aged man.

When I queried one of the dock

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The Greatest Picture of The Space Needle Ever Taken

Space Needle and Woman in Bikini

I’ve been busy and therefore somewhat off of the ether.  I like to think that this one makes up for 8 post-free days, though.

Too bad I shot it with a cellphone.

Then again, it’s still way better than the bikini shots I got to look at when I first discovered the Internet.


The Supermoon

Close-Up of the Moon

Zoomed Out

Zoomed in a tiny bit.

Last night was the peak of the August 2014 “Supermoon”.

A supermoon occurs when the moon makes its closest pass to Earth on its elliptical orbit, while it also happens to be full.

Since these two things have to coincide at just the right time, the supermoon is not a super-common phenomenon.

While it’s really not all that impressive to the casual observer (it only appears to be 14% larger and 30% brighter to the naked eye), to the somewhat more committed observer, it is kind of cool.

I took the above

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Another Dispatch from Western Civilization’s Decline

Head Up Ass

This is a fascinating time in American history.  We’re actually watching a culture commit suicide before our very eyes.

The hypocritical speech codes which ensure that only corporate-approved speech can be uttered over public airwaves, as the people who claim to support free speech stand around chanting “It’s not the government restricting speech, it’s the corporations!” … oblivious to the realization that they are one and the same, but not really caring because one-sided have already been passed prohibiting said corporations from restricting their free speech. (how’s that for a run-on sentence?)

Case in point, ESPN has suspended its third host

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The MEattle Syndrome

Wrong Way Walker

“You know, I like Seattle”, I overheard someone telling a companion, “but I’ve never seen such pedestrian-hostile drivers in my life!”

A friend of mine moved here about two years ago, and shortly after arriving, he made a similar observation. “I’ve never seen anything like this”, he said while motioning to the crosswalk in front of us, “I’ve never seen so many drivers stop in the crosswalk.”

On the way home yesterday, I stopped on Pike Street next to a car which was blatantly parked in the crosswalk.

“What are these white line thingies?”

“Perhaps the car behind them

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The Seattle Gum Wall 2014

Seattle Gum Wall

It was time for my annual refresh of Gum Wall photos.

Because I’m a reasonably nice human being, I’m posting some here for your viewing pleasure.

You have no idea how hard some of these were to take.

I suffer for my art.

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Hello, Angels!

4 Blue Angels Over Downtown Seattle


It’s that time of year again.  The time when buildings shake and car alarms are triggered by the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squad, The Blue Angels.

While some people are annoyed by the annual Seafair arial display, I actually think it’s kind of cool.

Sure, it makes me wince when I look up and see thousands of dollars of jet fuel being burned, then look down and see a mentally ill guy asleep in his own vomit.  Yes, it bothers me that the money for this stuff gets forcibly yanked from me each paycheck. You can’t mentally fight

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Summer in the City

Kids Playing in the SLU Water Fountain



“They aren’t growing up with a back yarrrd! Won’t they miss not having a back yarrrrd?”


They have one.

As far as my kids are concerned, Lake Union is their personal over-sized swimming pool, complete with a diving board shaped like a bridge.  Not to mention, a lawn sprinkler on crack.

On a different note … it’s a shame, but ever since this incident, I’ve been paranoid to take photographs with kids in them.  I guess that’s the whole point, though.  Fear.

Stay scared, everyone.  Your country depends on it.

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De Plane, De Plane

Floatplane and The Space Needle

You Might Be From The Suburbs …

Please Dont Ticket Car


Seattle.  A city comprised of 600,000 transplanted suburbanites. More passive-aggressive notes per square mile than all other cities in the USA combined.

I encountered the above notes today while walking on the same block.  The same block!


It looks like it’s time for another installment of “Seattle Rex’s Suburbanite Education Series”.  This one will be brief.

Dear Neighbors from Outer Culdesacia, I have a few tips to make your staycation more enjoyable, not just for yourself, but for everyone.

One note is passive-aggressive.  Two notes is obsessive-compulsive.  That was a comment, not a tip.  Here we

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Most Science-less Conversation Ever

Falun Gong vs. Christianity


Dancin’ Fools

Dancing Fools

While sorting through my photos this evening, I was reminded of a couple of guys who stole the show last weekend at the Bite of Seattle.

During one band’s set, two guys from the audience had proceeded to, uh, dance.

While they were obviously being goofy, they actually had talent. For instance, the guy in the white did a dive, transitioned into a breakdance two-step, then did a few baby swipes before getting back up and spazzing out.  The guy in blue, well, the guy in blue reminded me of who Flava Flav would be were he white.


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Rainbow Over West Seattle

Rainbow Over the Puget Sound

Legend has it that at the end of a rainbow sits a pot of gold with enough of the precious metal to spring a murderous white girl from an Italian prison as her less wealthy co-conspirator rots in jail while said white girl enjoys the support of the supposedly-liberal Seattle establishment despite the fact that the first thing she did when confronted by authorities was throw a black guy under the bus like the Grand Fucking Wizard of the KKK proving once again that white rich and female still trumps negro every goddamn time regardless of the pee cee

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Dear Women of Seattle, No Really!

Le Parisienne Storefront w Paranoid Woman

Not long ago I wrote about my experiences with the pathologically narcissistic women of the Pacific Northwest.  I took a little heat, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I’d rather be right than popular.  And I am.

Case in point …

Yesterday, I stopped at La Parisienne in Belltown to get some things to take home, and while waiting, I decided to get a storefront shot for a later review.  Here it is:

Alright, it’s nothing special, but it’s my picture and I’m happy with it.

As I’m setting up, not even in shooting

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Scenes from the 2014 Bite of Seattle

Dancing Man/Woman

The 2014 Bite of Seattle is upon us, and yesterday, we walked over to the festivities to check it out.

It was crowded, a little too crowded at times, but fun nonetheless. I ate more stuff than I care to remember, about twenty percent of which was actually edible.

The real draw, as usual, was the music, which, although I never happened to be present when the band names were announced, was really good.

Fortunately, the temperatures cooled off a bit, sparing me from both food poisoning and a nose full of B.O. Fine, I wasn’t really “spared” from either,

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The Least Shocking News Ever Reported

Climate Change Proponents Use More Electricity

Remember, you heard it here first.

And second.

And third.

And a bunch of other times too.

As a lifelong student of human psychology, I’ve always been fascinated with the way that people justify hypocrisy to themselves.  The conclusion I’ve reached is that people know they’re full of shit, they just generally don’t care.

Everybody wrings their hands about Global Warming, but they do so purely for their own self-interest, not because they give a damn about the planet or anyone on it. They would just as vocally ridicule Global Warming if they thought for a microsecond that it was the

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Daily Dose of Awesomeness

Dominique Young Throw it Down Screenshot

You’re welcome.

Am I Crazy or is God Giving Seattle the Finger?

Cloud flipping off Downtown Seattle

Then There Were Two

New Lanes on Pike Street

Downtown motorists were caught somewhat off-guard this past week when Pike Street became a veritable parking lot during the evening rush hour.

The reason for the backup?

The far right lane of travel east of 5th Avenue has been converted to a bus-only lane. Because of this, as you can see here, both rightmost lanes between 4th & 5th Avenues are now right-turn only.

This is probably beneficial for drivers, as well as near-downtown residents, as the majority of people heading east on Pike are heading for the freeway to leave Seattle. Speaking for all of us down here,

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Shit Seattleites Say

Shit Seattleites Say

What’s Long and Hard and Filled With Seamen?

Submarine in the Puget Sound


During my evening commute, while still in the middle of the sound, I felt the captain throw the ferry into reverse thrust.  When I looked out of the window to see what was going on, I spotted what looked like a gigantic whale.  I gathered my things and headed to the bow of the boat, and when I got there, I noticed that the “whale” was in fact a submarine.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the Puget Sound, and I’ve seen thousands of different vessels on that body of water, but this was a first for

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SPD Releases SoDo Light Rail Shooting Video

SoDo Shooting Video Screenshot

On June 30th, unarmed light rail fare enforcement officers got into an argument with two men who allegedly did not have proof of fare payment.

The passengers, Oscar Perez Giron and Mario Parra Cetina, were removed from the train at the SoDo Station, and a King’s County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived soon thereafter.

A few minutes later, an altercation ensued, at which point Giron was shot by the deputy.  Supposedly, Giron pulled a gun during the altercation, which he appears to do in the video, although it’s sort of hard to see.

What I don’t understand, is why if Giron

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The Moon and The Space Needle. Reflected.

The Moon and The Space Needle. Reflected.

The MEattle, er, Seattle 2014 July 4th Fireworks

4th of July Fireworks 2014


When I realized that Washington would be one of the first states in the union to legalize marijuana, I had some concerns.

Not because I thought it should remain illegal, no, the War on Some Drugs When Used by Poor People is nuts.  Instead, I was concerned because I didn’t think the least considerate state in the country would be good torchbearers for the new policy.

The nation’s eyes are on our fair state to see how legalization will play out in normal, polite society, and as I stood outside with my family watching the fireworks last night,

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“You Geese Don’t Look Like You’re From Around Here”

Seattle Police Boat in Lake Union

“If you ask me, you look like a couple of them ‘Canadian’ geese.”

I took this photo moments before they got taken in for obstruction.



Summer Break in Seattle



When I get the standard reply from suburban soccermoms, I just politely concede my children’s disadvantage.

“They don’t have a yard?  They share a room? You don’t have a car?”

“You’re right”, I say sheepishly, “You’re right.  Next year, we’re going to.”

I lie.

They don’t understand, they can’t understand, nor do I want them to.  Instead, I play up the “poor us” angle.  It makes honkies feel better about themselves.

Two generations of white flight has left the vast majority of suburban Americans completely ignorant of urban life.  “What if they get mugged?”, is another oft-repeated question, which

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Deer Grazing

A deer!

A Female Deer!

Alright, I have no idea if this is a female deer or not.

At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

When I spotted this deer outside my office window today, it’s not like I ran over and inspected its genitalia.

Because that would be, you know, weird and stuff.

So, I didn’t do it.


Fine, it ran away before I got the chance, but when I said I didn’t do it, I wasn’t lying.

I don’t fornicate with animals!

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No Payday for Jorge

Jorge Carrasco

So it looks like Jorge Carrasco (pronounced “whore-hey carrasco”) won’t be getting a raise after all.

After a public outcry, a weird image-cleaning campaign, a botched radio interview, and a bunch of lies, the CEO of Seattle City Light pretty much forced Mayor Ed Murray to deny his request for mo’ money.

It’s worth remembering, though, that the Seattle City Council voted almost unanimously (the socialist candidate was the lone “no” vote) to give the guy a raise.  These are the people whose sole job it is to look out for your interests, and nearly every last one of them voted

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